Sankofa Young Leaders Fellowship(SYLF)


The Sankofa Young Leaders Fellowship is a leadership development and Africa immersion program for high school and college students from around the world. It offers mentorship and helps develop cultural competency and career and social networks. Participants will also have the opportunity to volunteer on projects and meet counterparts in Africa. Through this fellowship, students will gain invaluable experience, skills and networks that will enhance their lives, their careers and their future.


  • Bridging the gap between Africa and the Diaspora
  • Developing cultural competency and
  • skills for career and self-development
  • Creating international careers and friendship networks
  • Providing opportunities for mentorship.
  • Experiencing African talent and creativity
  • Experiencing the beauty and richness of Africa


  • College students
  • College graduates
  • Rising high School juniors and seniors
  • Student volunteers
  • Student interns
  • Young people seeking to connect with their African roots
  • Young people wishing to learn more about Africa